This post is brought to you by Cedar Point. We want to thank them for having us, & for this opportunity. All opinions in this post are of my own.

I could be in the minority but when a discussion of going to Cedar Point as a family had come up previously, my mind immediately went to 'no'. I just think when I think of CP I think, of older kids, like teens & adults. Not young kids. & after talking with some of my mom friends they had the same thought. But I came to find out I was wrong. Very wrong.

Yes, there is obviously alot of large roller coasters to ride that younger children can't do, & you probably wouldn't want them to do anyway. But there is so much you can do WITH young children too!

Things to know before you go:

- Tickets: tickets can be purchased on line prior to your visit on the Cedar Point website or at the gate when you arrive for your day of fun

-Discounts: be sure to check the website and social media for deals and discounts. If you live in the area, look for discounts at local retail establishments for admission discounts – it just might be worth running in to a local grocery store for the admission savings.

-Hotels: there are lots of options fro accommodations in the area surrounding Cedar Point. If you’re looking to stay closer to the action, there are options right on Cedar Point’s property for you to choose. Staying at a Cedar Point resort can give you special benefits such as discount admission or early park admission so it might be worth the additional cost if you’re an early riser.

- Parking : Parking is fairly easy. It's pricey at $20. But if you are already paying the $20, I would spend the extra to get preferred parking to be closer to the park. It won't seem worth it til you are leaving for the day then you will wish you had! ha!
- What’s Allowed: be sure to review the frequently asked questions so you’re aware of what’s allowed in the picnic area and in the actual park itself. This would have come into handy for me that I would have found out about a new policy the week we went about cell phone & recording on rides &  in the lines. If you saw my IG stories of this, you will get it & how embarrassed I was! Ha!
 - Getting around: CP isn't Disney huge, but quite large. CP has maps everywhere but I really suggest downloading the app!  It has maps with real time, GPS on where you are. It also has showtimes of the day, ride wait times, food  & has a friend finder ability! 

Okay-- lets get to our trip!

When we started off our trip, it didn't start very well. It was side way raining HARD. We were soaked. Luckily, by the time I was done talking with guest services about our time there it had pretty much stopped! We wanted to start from back of the park to front. & it just so happened that, that is where Camp Snoopy was which is where the girls wanted to go right away!

A few things that Camp Snoopy has that Planet Snoopy doesn't is a few small coasters. They are small, but to you little ones they seem as big as the "big kid" coaster. My girls just loved that they got their pictures taken on them! Somehow my girls talked them into letting them ride twice in a row, making the short & sweet ride extra fun!

Another part of Camp Snoopy that makes it fun, is Camp Snoopy Theater! You get to meet some of the Peanuts gang! They have fun games & a dance party you can do with the character as well!

Outside of Camp Snoopy & Planet Snoopy, Kensley's options was were more limited. Things like bumper cars, the scrambler ect were all in her height range.

There was still plenty to do outside of rides! 

Including food! There is tons of places to eat at Cedar Point. I was so happy with selections. There is plenty of normal theme park food but also chains. Like Annie Annes pretzels, Johnny Rockets & YALL there was a CHIK FIL A! SOLD! There is something for any pickers in your family. There is something for everyone.

There are also tons of shows around the park. We enjoyed them so much! You have to make sure you look at the showtimes, & make time to go see some! 

Shows include:
-Fire & Ice {this one is on the beach!}
-Lights, Camera, Action {this was our favorite! We wanted to see it twice!}
-Vertical Impact {amazing, you have to make sure you make this one! Its a mix of acrobatics & BMX & all sorts of fun stuff. If it's a hot day, make sure to get in the "splash zone"}

Beyond the thrill of the park, Cedar Point also has a water park {additional admission required} We LOVED this waterpark. There was SO much to do it was unreal! By the time we were leaving, we were walking out & found a entire different splash area we missed! It really brought out Brandon & I's kid side going down the slide with the girls! SO much family fun! We did a race down one slide as a family. They let us all four go only together & at the same time. We did that so many times. Spoiler Alert, Brandon won every time! LOL

& the fun doesn't end at the end of the day when the sun goes down! Make sure you check out Cedar Point Nights! {Now - August 19th} There is a tastebud tour, live entertainment, a silent disco {yall you get headphones to jam out to music yourself SO COOL} everything glows up in the "Glow Zone" &  there is fireworks!!

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via Cedar Point
& that was our trip! As you can see, there really is something for the entire family at Cedar Point. From sun up til sun down!  It is the perfect summer, midwest get away! You can go one day, but I really suggest doing at least a 2 day get away to make sure you do the water park too!