I am normally the queen of a good summer bucket list.
We love as a family getting together & curating the perfect list of what we want to do for the summer.

We have had a lot going on, & for about year and counting I have had some medical issues we are trying to resolve. We were scared. So when it all started happening last summer after nationals, I canceled Kennedys last dance intensives & we decided to knock out our bucket list in the last few weeks we had left. It was fun but kinda stressful trying to get all things in.

This summer, I decided we would do without a summer bucket list.
Which meant, no plans.
No VBS, no ballet intensives, no camps, no reading programs.

Sure we are still doing things, that are summer bucket list worthy.
But we are focusing on other things.

Trips & water parks are so fun.

But what your kids are going to remember as they get older when they think of their childhood summer is the feeling, it is what our summer of not having a bucket list is all about.
Having a magical summer doesn't have to include trips & spending money.

So what are we doing this summer?
Letting summer be magical by itself.

We are having ice cream for dinner.
Having a second, third and maybe even fourth Popsicle when you normally limit to one.

The girls are having sleepovers in the living room. & it is "the coolest ever".

They are staying up late, & sleeping in.

We are reading books, lots of books in trees.

Making chalk drawings.

Turning on the hose & letting whatever fun happens..happen.

We are running around barefoot & possibly going a entire day without putting on a pair of shoes.

Piling pillows & blankets on the couches & floors & watching movies til everyone is passed out.

Staying outside from sun up til sun down.

Staying in our pajamas all day long.

Catching lighing bugs.

Eating smores as often as possible.

Putting on plays & performances in living room.

Making forts out of quilts, inside..outside..everywhere.

Our summer is ending, & when we sat down to dinner to night to talk about favorite parts of the summer. Not one trip was mentioned. It was the moments that were in tangible.

Don't focus on the planned magical moments.
The magic is in summer itself.
Black bottomed feet, & Popsicle stained chins.