Christmas break is ending, & we decided to kick it off with bang. If you're new here, my girls are huge American Girl doll fans. So, when I saw the billboard for American Girl Live driving down the highway. It sounded right up their alley.

There wasn't much on exactly what it was. Even on the website. I wasn't sure exactly the show even was. So I decided I would post about it to help my other mommas thinking about going when it comes to a city near you!

My mom and I surprised the girls as we were leaving. & as we were about head out, my mom said she had something or me. Back when I was a girl there was like 4 American Girl dolls, & I dreamed of having one. I was so excited when I finally got one for Christmas. 20 years passed and I had wondered where my doll went. My mom searched & searched but it seemed like it was lost or sold years ago. I always mourned not being able to hand it down to my girls, since they are so into them now. So going back to surprising the girls, my mom surprised me / still the girls, as I obviously wont be playing with it; with a a original pleasant company Felicity doll, like the one I had as a girl. We were off to a great start for our girls night!

When you get to the show they have merch set up. There are shirts to buy & one for your doll. I wish they had a matching doll shirt for each of t-shirts they had available but they only had one matching one in doll size. There was also sweatshirts, hats, stickers {as seen from above} & other doll accessories. All of which is exclusive for LIVE shows.

They had a VIP meet & greet available {separate charge from ticket}, & boutique where the girls got to enjoy cookies, coloring & a professional photo of themselves with their dolls! {waiting to get those by email}

The musical is based around a group of girls going to "Camp American Girl" together & them bringing their dolls with them to camp.

Each girl has a story line where they learn a "lesson" about themselves. Who else would help teach that lesson but the doll they brought the camp! The dolls come to "life" in these scenes, & are so well done. My girls gasped at a few!  The stories are of bravery & focus on friendship. The dolls come to life in their iconic "meet" outfits which the girls loved.

The dolls you will get to see are: Mary Ellen, Luciana Vega, Melody, Rebecca, Nanea, & Julie.
I love that they added in a little bit of everybody for everyone, a GOTY, historical & BeForever.

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I couldn't take photo during the show, but it was all just so adorable. The songs were lovely, & we left wishing their was a CD of the songs sung during the show.

The show was long, but had a intermission to break it up.

I found it really neat  the age range of all the girls with their dolls, from toddler to teens there was so many girls with their dolls enjoying the show.

& if you are worried if your child doesn't have an American Girl doll of their own, there was plenty of girls without a doll, or with whatever doll they love enjoying the show.

If you have other special women in your life, life a Grandma or Aunt. Or want to make it a girls night with your daughters friends this is such a great time for everyone. I thoroughly enjoy the show as a grown woman.

We had such a wonderful night. It was a wholesome show, with lots of laughter & great songs. It made for a perfect girl night. Def recommend 10/10