We are obsessed with our Yumboxes! We wanted to love other brands, but the leakproof seal at our girls' age nothing compares! To see my post on Lunch box 101 & more about the Yumbox, click HERE.

Sometimes in the morning, things can be crazy & I go to pack it, & I am like....what should I make? Or when I'm grocery shopping!

That's when I decided I needed to plan our lunches, just like I do for dinner. & now with two girls in school I will need it more than ever. So I made this little planner specifically for yumboxes!

Brandon did the majority of lunches last year, & this really helped him on what to pack the girls because I had it all laid out for him! This could also be a big help with older kids making sure what they are packing isn't just junk! You can plan it out for them to pack themselves!

Print them below!
NOTE: The best way to print these is on a computer.

Mix of compartments:

Panino box:

Original yumbox:

Happy Lunch Planning!