I am little late.


some facts:
you can drink out of a straw & transitioned to a straw sippy now!

you have TWO teeth!

you walk with your activity walker & try to so badly by yourself, but end up falling

you crawl, climb, stand & pull yourself up on every.thing.

size 3 diapers; size 3m onesies; size 6m pants

you got your ears pierced!

you are eating babyfood,puffs, recently arrowroot cookies, & now insist on trying alittle of what I eat every dinner so far just mac & cheese, hot dogs,  scrambled eggs & chicken Alfredo

you say: mama, dada, nana, yeah, doe {dog}  & recently starting nooo

you love your baby dolls, they are you new favorite thing

you are kinda obsessed with the laptop, you bang on it every chance it is out; which makes it pretty hard to for me to work

We love you more than yo u know buggy!
Happy late 8 months!