Saturday, September 3, 2011

the lake!

We just got back from the lake!
guys, i so needed this
even tho i have been lots
i needed to get away; even if it was an hour away
it was just me & buggy & one of my very good friends & her family
kennedy had SO much fun swimming & i would throw her up
lift her up & down in the water
she fell asleep for a good hour
& i got to go tubing
haha my arms STILL hurt
so out of shape
I only got a few pics cause i left my camera on a different boat :(
this is her juice drunk face! She has just gulped down half her sippy haah
& this was when i want to get a picture without the sippy, after the ones above. obv she was little ticked hahah
Hope your enjoying your weekend!


  1. I love her swimming outfit!!! Adorable!! Glad you had a nice time! xx

  2. Awww, your littel lovebug as a bug, how cute! :) That sippy is almost as big as her!! I wish we could get Elliot to drink out of his.

  3. I love her little bathing suit!


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