Wednesday, September 7, 2011

hello fall!

like i said already
I love fall, like love love it
its right below christmas on my fav time of the year
but i feel like we skipped that whole sept-oct warm but chilly weather
that is just perfect
& went straight to november
its 58 degrees outside right now!
this was my child last night
hat & coat
{which by the way was her coat from last year; & still fits! i am going to try to find another in 12 m tho}
someone ask me before but its by: cachcach 
& she was in her bundle mee
& you can see her cheeks will are really cold!
fall is making it appearance 
in the house
was supposed to look like THIS:
but: after trying to find branches, & glass; i used the glass & sticks from my center pieces from our wedding & then the pumpkins wouldn't fit down the glass so it turned out a little different! but i dont think it looks to bad, for throwing something together & not having to spend anything on it!
 i made two; one for each side of the TV

have you started decorating for fall?


  1. awww i love it! and K is so cute in her little hat and coat! It's still ridiculously hot here in FL. Rylin probably wont be wearing any coats until December! YUCK!

  2. Adorable hat and coat! Love the fall decorating ideas. It's still in the high 20's (Celsius) here so it's not fall at all yet!

  3. i have an obsession for the fall! love love love! i have not started decorating yet but boy do i want to! usually i start decorating in october for halloween then all the festivites begin!

  4. i love her little hat and coat... so freaking cute!

    i need to start decorating!


    me NOT crafty


shucks, thanks the comment!
i looove hearing from you!
-tara :)


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