I am going to have to break down all of these into more than one post, there is so much I have to write about & I want to remember all of it, to share with her one day.

7 weeks ago Kensley wouldn't sleep.
All she would do was cry, back arching, stiffening, blood curdiling screaming. It went on for hours, & I mean hours. It had been happening the last few days but tonight it was different.
I was up all night with her, I remember sitting saying out loud, WHATS WRONG.
I was "this" close to taking her to the ER, but then she finally settled. She then woke up every 20 mins crying but nothing like the 4-5 hours of non-stop, hyper ventlating crying.

I remember when it clicked. She has a ear infection I had told myself.
I had noticed she was grabbing the sides of her head & ears.

Neither girls had ever had a ear infection but I knew the symptoms.

The next morning I made her appt first thing, & asked my friend Alisha to come over & watch Kennedy.
She got there & I told her I would probally be gone half hour tops, I would just get something for her ears.
Boy was I wrong.

We go into the office & I am explaining what has been going on.
She checked her ears & her ears are perfect.
I litterly was taken back, so I just stood thinking well then what is it?
We brain stormed alittle.
& I brought up Kennedys acid reflux.
We check her throat & do a fast test with this probe thing, no reflux.
I stood there seriously confused.
She left the room to do something & that is when Kensley had a "episode" 
It lasted about 15 mins before the Dr came back in & watched her for a little bit.
At this point im crying, something was wrong & I had no clue how to help her.
I couldnt even hold on her, she was stiffening & arching herself away from me.
& then just like that, the room was filled with Drs.

Asking me questions I thought were so irrelvant. 
Throwing out names, name dropping "syndromes"
Asking about her foot {she drags it}
Before I could blink they were putting a urine bag on her, taking her blood & we were off to get x rays & a CT scan.
Everyone was walking on egg shells around me, & all I could do was cry.

We get the breif CT scan results, that cross off the first immediate concerns like meningitis, & they said they would call me with the written results.

The next morning I get the call.

"Hi, how is kensley doing this morning? We noticed that her sinuses were a little swollen so we are calling in a antibiotic to help with that.  {well that explains it, i thought} We also found something else on the scan that we sent over to the pediatric neurologist, I wasn't even going to mention until we heard back from her but wanted to let you know"
"what do you mean something"
"we found a spot on her brain, its small & its very deep in her brain. If it is something to be concerned about the neurologist will have her come in, but no news is good news."

I remember the room spinning for a split second.
& I stayed completely calm.
It WAS nothing. 
This is completely non-tara-behavior.
I called Brandon & let him know.

Right after I hung up with him, I got a call back from the Dr.
The neurologist saw cause for concern & was to come in for a emergency  appt for a MRI.
From the looks of the scan it look like she had, had a stroke....
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