Its no secret, we are Disney freaks.
So when Disney on Ice or live or anything that remotely brings Disney to our town you better believe we will be there with bells on!
We took just Kennedy to this little event, Kensley is just not the type to sit thru just about anything.
& we are really working taking time for just Kennedy to help her behavior!

Our niece was in town so it was nice to spend sometime with her & Brandons family during, also.

Shall we travel down memory lane & look at Kennedy at her first Disney on Ice?

& this year she was cinderella as well.
because well..duh.

why yes those are mini glass slippers.

There are many moments I find myself absorbing. Taking in everything about girls. This night was one of them. Every expression, every "ohh" & "ahh" and "OH MY GOSH MICKEY, BUZZ!" It was pure magic seeing Kennedy that night. That excitement I saw in her that night I will always bottle up!

We spent a little more & was 2 rows up. Totally worth the money!

she downed that popcorn like nobodys business!

Disney on Ice!

We cant wait for next year to take both the girls!