My Princess is ONE!
My girl is a Mickey/Minnie freak! 
So naturally, Minnie was the theme for her birthday!

My lot in my little mom life is to have cute birthday with doing anything too character-y.
The day I go into party city & get a charcter birthday theme pack, I will cry {even tho I know its lingering in my pre teen future}

One of the biggest misconceptions of; if you will, a "pintrest-y party" is that they are really pricey. & that is just so not true. By making everything while, stressful & time consuming is so much cheaper.
Each party the most money I spend is on the cake & food, which is as it should be :)
Minnie Mouse Birthday

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake
Oh this cake couldnt have been more perfect!
We go to the same gal as always & she always blows us away!
When I took the cake out of the box to put it on the stand {it was deilvered the night before}
the humitdy from the box mad the cake bubble & the button was hanging off, I almost cried.
we were able to make it look better, but this photo I photoshoped the right button in so it looked better :)

These little center pieces are just three syrofoam balls I painted black, put together by tooth picks. I got a pack of the small bows from Hobby Lobby for .99 & glued them to a tooth pick.
The plastic pot is from the $1 aisle at Target.

The jars, are just Dollar Store Minnie figurines spray painted red, hot glued to the tops of the jars!

The favor bags were plain red.
I cut out the mouse ears & bows from scrapbook paper, & used garage sale stickeres as the dots!

It was the best party!
We were so happy to celebrate our princess!
Happy Birthday Kensley!