Oh geez I am always behind.
I keep saying I want keep up on my blogging but the truth is, I will always be playing catch with these two little girls keeping me on my toes.

With First birthday celebration prep in full force why not finally share our easter? :)

The Friday before Easter we went to the local bontaical gardens for their easter day. Holy, who knew out town got so into Easter? Luckily I got the time wrong & we got there earlier because litterly there were HUNDREDS of people lined up outside down & around the street. NUTS.

My mom thankful came with to take on the day with the girls. Outings like this alone by myself  make me sweat. {shout out to the single parents of two little ones, shits hard.}

kennedy designed her own bag :)

sister didnt put down this egg all day! she picked it up & by golly it was HERS.

oh come on mom.

Then on our Saturday they had a Easter egg hunt at the park.
I was pretty bummed this weekend that I had to do this stuff alone {which is normal cause of brandons work schedule but it sucks during fun holiday stuff like this} so my parents came along to this too!
In theory it seemed great. It was broken down into age groups ect.
Well the parents were about ridiculous {you could win a bike} & TRAMPLED kennedy. She was bawling & when we finally got her warm up & there was barely anything left kennedy went for a egg a MAN took it, even tho he saw her going for it! We walked away with one egg & some candy :)


the girls & I!
Then finally EASTER!
I grew up getting Easter bunny prints on my floor, before it was the total rage from pintrest {cough AP } & this was our first year doing it! We had the best day.

the perfect first Easter for this girl!


Easter hunting at Nana & Papas

my mom litterly got them WAGONS full of stuff Easter. 

more easter baskets from Aunt Tiffany!
It was the truly the most perfect First Easter as a family of 4.