Ah Spring.
Isn't it wonderful? All that warmth, green sprouting up, birds chirping.....
yeah NOT. There is 5 inches of snow on the ground & its a good 15 degrees out.
While the outside is freezing, we are willing spring inside!
We have had a lot going on in our little family, that I will share about once we know more.
We are making the best out of our down time & here is what we have been up to!
While Kensley was napping, Kennedy & I got some quality time together & decorated eggs with the dye she picked out all by herself, glitter eggs; of course :)
Writing sissy a message on her egg.

so proud!
 Daddy hasn't had a day off in awhile, so when we had him on a Sunday we pulled out all the Easter stops.
Which of course includes MORE egg dying.
Can you ever really dye too many eggs?

such a dork. when the girls look back at our photo books they are gonna think, really dad? you've been this big a dork my WHOLE life ;)

Such a great idea, Kennedy was having a awful time with egg dippers. Wire wisk FTW.
Sister just sat back & took it all in.
Next year she will have little dyed finger tips just like bug!
Daddy wrote a little love note for Mommy on his egg! :)
At one point we lost the wisk & just used our fingers ;)
& what Easter shenanigans wouldn't include Peter Cottontail?
Both the girls' first time watching!
Kennedy picked this out for daddy all by herself.
I bought these cool sprinkle stencils for sugar cookies, total FAIL.
These things DO NOT work. haha
At the end of the day, we decided a visit to the easter bunny was due.
Yeah, did not happen. I thought Kennedy may have a problem. We didn't really even think about Kensley. Kensley screamed like a crazy person. I was HILAROUS.
We did however stop & do something else...
Can you spot it?
Sister got her ears pierced!
She was so proud!
She was little older than I would have liked. Kennedy was 7 months. But it ended up being perfect; & she did perfect!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We are excited about family, yummy food & lots of eggs hunts! :)