Well, as much as I tried, I can never keep up with  any blog challenge. *sigh* But it was fun the few days that I did do it. So if you are a visitor from the challenge I do apologize! But, it seems as though this momma has not had the time to blog lately.

Speaking of, I missed Kennedy's 2 weeks update so here it is!

Not the best picture cause its on my blackberry! But cute none the less :) 
We went to the drs for her second appt & from last week I am happy to announce she is past her birth weight, FINALLY. 7lbs 9oz! (they say it takes two weeks to get back to with birth weight with breastfed babies) At birth, 7lbs 5 oz. When we left the hospital, 6lbs 12oz. Last weeks appt, 6lbs 15oz! So, ALL those feedings have paid off ;) She seriously is such a chunker she eats ALOT! I love it.  
On the 29th of November she lost her cord FINALLY. We are..well Mom & buggy are waking up less every night. She has yet to actually full out scream cry like the ones you see on "Bringing Home Baby" & "Baby Story" she is more of a grunter. Which I am ok with. She is honestly just a pretty laid-back baby, for now at least ;) I love snuggling with her. Her favorite is on my chest with her butt in the air, just like in my tummy. I melt everything, which is multiple times a day! :)