Kennedy has been chewing on her the nipples of her bottles & just acting like she is teething. I thought no way, couldn't be possible. So, I asked my friend who works for a pediatrician why you think she would be acting like all the prime symptoms of teething. She said babies are sometimes born with teeth & have been known to be born with full sets. you kidding me right? That crazy. She told me to do try some baby orajel to see if it did anything. I don't want to use orajel & plus Kennedy isn't teething so it didn't matter. Just then I decided, why not just run my finger on her gums & see.

& that is when, I ran my finger on her upper gum, top right; a little tooth was poking thru! I was in-shock! How is this even possible? She is only 6 weeks! Dr assured me this is completely normally, not to freak. But, I am having a hard time grasping that this is stage we are experiencing :(

For you mommas, when did you little one first start?