Tomorrow, it will be a month since I have became a momma, & I thought I would list the essentials that got me through my first month, with alot of my friends just about to have their babies & those who are planning to have a baby!- i'll do another as she grows & my fav things change

The Boppy (it even came with a ladybug on it, perfect for my buggy! )
absolute must. if you pregnant, & don't have one..get one! Awesome for breastfeeding, for younger children that want to hold baby, or for anyone for that matter when you arm starts to hurt, perfect for baby to lay in (bug loves it) & for tummy time. all together, it is the absolute mommy-must-have.

Also if you go online, they have a "build-a-boppy" link where you have a naked pillow & you pick the fabric & can use two kinds for front & back!

JJ Cole Bundle Me.This is for us mommas up north in the colder climate.  Yeah yeah, I know the controversy
with it being safer when you cut the back out & only use it for the stroller. But I have it in pink, & have had not one problem with her safety harness & I LOVE IT. It keeps her so so warm & blocks the wind when having to go from the car into a place. Plus, you don't have to bundle up your baby in tons of clothes & a coat & having to re-size the safety harness, or about choke your baby out trying to get the harness over that adorable fluffy coat! ;) All-in-all in my personal opinion it is also a must have for us northern mommas.

sidenote: they are normally 45ish dollars, I recommend going to a resale shop, mine was used for one winter & I snagged mine for a fab 6.95$! (insert cheesy "cha-ching" noise here)

Baby Trend bouncer. Bug loves the vibration & the music. I put it on my dinning room table when blogging & she is up to look around, when I need to take a shower,or doing the dishes! If it wasn't for this & her swing I wouldn't get anything done while she was awake!

Moses Basket. This is so much easier than lugging around a play-yard to & from grandmas houses, which I have found with holiday shenanigans. Some people don't like them, but while she is this little, I am loving it. It's perfect for relative houses & I keep it downstairs for her to nap in.  & I load everything I need to take in to grandma's in it to carry, which make less trips to & from the car for momma! :)