I just noticed how long its been since I've posted! With the holiday shenanigans it has just slipped my mind, even though I read all of yours. With that said I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday, no matter how you celebrate it! I know we did as our first Christmas as a family of 3.

On Christmas Eve we spent it with the the in-laws treating it like Christmas day, since they were going to South Carolina to visit my niece. Kennedy got a some awesome gifts, two of the favs were a Bengals jersey onesie that will not fit her for awhile but so cute, and a ochocinco one at that ;) Daddy was pleased with that gift, as well as a Carhart outfit that was a skirt & shirt that had the logo and said "tiny but tough"; again happy Daddy. But, I have to mention my BIL, got me a new external flash, with a new softener & diffuser; I was so excited!

Christmas was spent at my parents, when my parents go to have all of their grandbabies, FIVE yes FIVE girls for the first time ever. I loved seeing the joy in my ma's eyes seeing them all. [they live in a different state] We didn't go crazy on buggy for christmas we had gotten so much previously from her being born between me & the babyshower & knowing aunts,uncle, & grandparents were getting alot. We got her a tummy time activty mat & a buggy pillow pet :) & just a few other fun things. I can't even begin to mention all the things my ma got her, but I am happy to say we expanded her Ralph Lauren collection one more outfit! She got a pair of bright star, keys & she loves them! Oh, & the new limited addition pink advent bottles!! :)

christmas morning, tired buggy!

all the grand-daughter/my nieces & buggy [ages ranging from 5weeks-10years]

Kennedy on her new mat, with her pretty christmas dress [doubling as her 5 week picture ;)]

 momma & daughter
our first family christmas :)