small photoshoot I took of her with daddy, late 2 nights ago 

6 weeks today, unbelievable. Today, Kennedy woke up not being able to breathe well & was kinda congested. She is mostly a mouth-breather, and when she was having difficulty breathing she was scream/cry making her breathe out of her nose making it harder breathe cause of the congestion. Making it a neverending cycle of crying. I took her in the bathroom & turned on a hot shower filling the room with steam, which finally gave her some relief letting her sleep for about a hour, but I ran out of hot water. So we trotted over to the doctors & he said it cold be just viral. I have to do saline drops in her little nose then suck um out, & use a cool mist humidifier til thursday & if it isn't better; it looks as if my little miss will need a antibiotic :( 
Her stomach issues are getting better. Still very much constipated :( we are doing a mixture of, corn syrup in her bottle, sugar water bottles & co.lace. 
On a side note, today she was weighting in a healthy 10lbs 3oz, 22 in long :)
Dr said she is shattering milestones, holding her head up on her own now & being able to sit in her bumbo. [which she loves]

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