..ok so I wasn't. But, I feel as though I have. I can not cough, walk up stairs, walk to briskly or pick anything up. & cry in constant pain.

Why you may ask? Two things: clogged ducts that resulted in Mastitis/breast infection. It came on litterly with in 4 hours. I all of a sudden could not get up cause the pain on my chest was so bad.  I at first thought it was just  the clogged duct so I did the warm water & massaging & continued to pump. But, the pumping was the most painful thing I seriously have ever experienced & I had not had a ounce of pain in the past 2 weeks of pumping or breastfeeding.

So, after a emotional breakdown of why does everything that has to do with my precious Kennedy have to be so hard for me (getting pregnant, staying pregnant, having AWFUL first 2 and a half trimesters,pre-term labor & now this) My Mom came over & called the dr. The nurse said to wrap an ace bandage around my chest & to take it off to pump. That helped a little with pain but when I pumped I was getting maybe an ounce a breast. I normally get 4 each. & said to watch for redness it could be an infection & leave a permanent lump. :S  So when I took buggy to her appt the next day, the dr checked & sure enough since my breast we ginormous I could see the one side that was RED! He taught me to pinch the side hard trying to release the milk, where I cry & scream the whole time. & have to be put on pen.icillin which I could either let them dry up which by the way you do by wrapping the ace bandage around, stupid nurse or continue to pump & have a 80% chance of giving Kennedy thrush! UGH! Well, I am hoping I have enough milk stored to last 10 days of my Rx. If not we are going to substitute for a day or so. Crossing fingers.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. But I had never heard of a this infection just the clogged duct & thought I would share my experience with you moms!