Lets catch you guys up, not last Sunday but the Sunday before, Brandon left to go fishing and litterly 20 minutes later I was having all this pressure and just needed to push, a lot of pressure. So we went to L&D, like the dr said to. They go to check my cervix, she pulls out her hand and it is covered in blood. My automatic thought, from everything I have known with my miscarriages, is something horrible and my baby is dying. I FREAK! and she asked if I have had my bloddy show yet, I reply no, & she tells me well now you have. My cervix is dilated a fingertip (1 cm) but which I didn't know there is two layers to a cervix and the part that is dilated in just the outter, & not the inner. But she said once that happens it pretty much the beginning of it dilating completely. When i was hooked up to be monitors, the nurse kept coming in & asking me about my contractions & I said I had only had one since I was there, & she looked at me funny and said I had been contracting the whole time (apparently I have become so used to it I dont notice the real little ones after four FLIPPIN weeks) anyway, I got a shot of breathane to stop the contractions and was monitored for a few hours.

I had an appt on Thursday, Dr said if he knew I was going to come in this week he would have told me not to because he didn't want to check me again because I was checked Sunday & checking again so close would stir up the membranes putting me into full-blown labor. SO, I go in next week, he wants to do my beta strep now instead of 36 weeks since delivery will be before then, but at this point I don't even feel like it going to happen anymore, & I just want her to come. I know selfish, as she deserves to go full-term but I am so EXHAUSTED. The constant contractions leave me so worn out, & in so much pain. The only thing that relives the pain is walking, which makes me have more contractions. I can never win. I have not complained my whole pregnancy, but now I'm freakin complaining. This is my 5th week of premature labor, & if one more women tells me "this is nothing, stop being a wimp, just wait for the real ones then you can say you are in pain" SHUT THE &#*$*U)(#$* up! You go thru 4-6 contractions a hour for 5 weeks and then call me a whimp, k thanks. :)

OK, I'm done now! I feel much better! :) I will update on my appt next week as soon as possible!