My contractions have not stopped. I have been prescribed breathane to diminish my contractions, although he did say I could still have them but they would less rhythmic. Which is the category I fall into. It also makes me feel like POO. To fill you in on last week, Sunday I thought my water broke so I went to L&D where they told me it didn't. I was a emotional wreck I didn't understand how I could have gotten that wrong. I had a appt the next morning at 9  where I told the Dr I was confused and I was still leaking whatever it was that had happened then. So he decided to do the same test since "there has been something werid about those sticks lately". Where the test indicated I was leaking amionic fluid, and she was measuring small. He took me into the US room and fastly looked & said it looked like i was low, but wanted a bio-physical ultrasound done by a tech. Then he checked my cervix where we learned my cervix is very short & very soft. He could feel  her head thru the thin layer!!! He classified me as now offically in "pre-mature labor". I JUST got the results back about my bio-physical, and my fluid is low, but not alarming. And no long measuring small, her head was just so low I was measuring small when he did it on my tummy. He gives me about 2 weeks til I go into active labor :/ she weight 3 lbs 2oz. which scares me because at my hospital any baby under 5 automatically goes into the NICU. Which is what we want to avoid. I am torn between the amount of fear and joy that I am going to meet her all at once. With the recent events all in the past week, we got our maternity pictures done before it was to late & had my babyshower (pictures to come) But here are some of my maternity pictures by the lovely Jess at J3Designz ENJOY! & continue to keep me & kennedy in your prayers & thoughts.

This is my one of my favs!
I was so exited when I saw this one, it is lyrics to my favortie song "capri" by colbie caillat

xoxo, Tara