here are some updated pictures! :) there is alot of "decor" stuff & knick knacks to put up still! But people have been asking so here we go!

Here bedding I got for a MAJOR steal. First off may I just say how flipping hard it is to find purple bedding that doesn't have a cartoon on it?? Anyway, 65% off of this set from Target, it is from the Dwell Studio & still on sale ladies! I need to get the changing table cover!

I plan on putting a canopy over her crib, as well as her chandler my DH has yet to put up! & then her three pictures will go above the crib as well.

Ugly black lamp, is still in there from painting!

So, Im a person that loves to re-juv furniture ect to save money. & my mom got this recliner that rocks for...FREE! it is brand new, BUT UGLY green. I wanted a chair with the texture of the blanket on it but I was having a really hard time finding one for uh less than a thousand. SO, I had this blanket but it had ripped, and it just so happened to be big enough to fit the chair. Right now its just stuffed and tucked into it, but I will be upholstering it on the chair when I get enough energy to do so! :)

I have to get the other two storage containers for her changing table. I wasn't sure on what bedding I was going to choose and Target has these SUPER cute ones with like a flower and hippo and what not, so I left two open until I figure it out! The thing on top is my super awesome diaper cake I got from my babyshower that is too cute to undo yet!

So Im thinking about doing either one or both with this one.

What do you think? Well hopefully you all enjoyed peakin into our little buggys room! :)