I am doing this on my blackberry so bare with me if I mess something up, or it looks funny!
Need your ladies opninon on sleeping arrangements. What do you think it better co-sleeper vs. Play yard with bassinett on top vs. Normal bassinett vs. Moses basket
Also which is better to have upstairs and downstairs?!! HELP! ‪ ‬ ‪

On to my appt today!
I am offically 1 cm dilated!! I got another steriod shot, which puts me at so much ease in case we don't make it these next few weeks til 36 weeks. I will be more "ok" with her coming. Also, her cord is around her neck which they failed to tell me when I got my results from my bio-physical. But he only sees it as a problem during labor when pushing. He said it happens to 15% of his deliveries and hasn't had a problem and the baby is always a-ok. Speaking of labor he did say that I should have a pretty painless and easy delivery with how low she is! Waaa-whoo! So depending on how far I'm dilated when its go time, I may go natural!

I'm still measuring small and I am "all baby not fluid" which is explains why I feel so much smaller. It also makes me nervous because I'm afraid I won't no when my water actually breaks since I've benn "leaking". Uggh. I guess I will just "know" like they say, but it still makes my head reel! I got my beta strep 3 weeks early, and should have the results I'm guessing by early next week. I have had some bleeding (which is cause by my cervix changing) and if it continues after today (I will probally bleed in a little which from him checking) and decrease in movement I go in next week, if not I wait another week! So, there's your update :)