Ok, Sorry for the over load of posts but my internet is in its tip-top con-dish so im using this time to blog it up!
Alot of my bloggie-pregnant friends haven't had their shower yet! So, I wanted to do kinda a rave/review on the monitor I got from my Mom for all of you that have yet to register or are looking for one on-line yourself! I have my 16 month old niece is in my care right now, because she is awful sick and her mother; well we wont go there. Anyway, she got to brake in buggy's room last night & I got to use my new monitor and had to tell ya'll about it!

First I must say, I was ify on the monitor when my mom first got it from me. I wanted one of those you know 300 dollar video ones. Which would be obv ideal, I have read alot of reviews & some of my mommy friends did not have such nice things to say about them, unless they were the ones that were like 500!

Not only can you turn on the night-light (which is so soothly, and it isn't to bright or too dull) from your side of the monitor and control the sounds (you get to pick between ocean sounds, & lullaby music) But, I litterly could hear her breath and every move she made when the receiving end was up on the dresser. Oh & when she cries it doesn't have the alarming "something must be horribly wrong" red lights! It has bright green ones that go up and down according to the volume of the cry, which I find less heart-attacky! :) What monitor you ask? It's the Fisher Price Remote Control Musical Audio Monitor N9147!

So, if you are looking for a not overly expensive, GOOD monitor check this one out!