How far along? 35 weeks!!  one week until we are "full term" WOOHOO! I am more at ease with her coming now! I just can't believe we are this far, SO crazy!

Total weight gain/loss: im thinking 15lbs now. we will see this week!

Sleep:  sleep is for sissys ;) haha no but i don't sleep but maybe 45 mins a night.

Food cravings: I really want a HUGE box of nerds. Other than that, thats about it

Best moment this week: I went to this christmas warehouse, where they have a bunch of items for 1.49! & the baby section had infant/toddler leg warmers, leg-a-rooz, which i have been looking allll over for that weren't a arm & a leg! I was so excited, I bought all of the different patterns! :) oh & my hospital bags are finally packed!

Movement: all the time! it is actually quite painful, I believe that is from me having little to no fluid now.

Labor Signs: you know it, all the time contractions. it never ends, although it has lightened up SO much!

Gender: a mommy ladybug

Stretchies: I have now developed them on my sides, and one my lower tummy tucked underneath. they would appear this far haha

Belly Button in or out? its more flat than anything

What I miss: nothing, im really trying to soak up the last bit of the pregnancy right now. although I could without contraction,&  horrible heartburn

What I am looking forward to: Her arrival!

Symptoms: everything. if it is a symptom of pregnancy i have it at this point haha

Milestones: Making it til next week!!

Weekly wisdom: Even though milk help your stomach with the heartburn, make sure you are eating LOTS of fiber, or lots of water on top of the milk because you will pay for it. :s

Emotions: I cry all the time just thinking about her, or looking at her stuff. Or anything that mentions family,daughter,mother haha