I am 2 1/2 cm dilated! I could be 3 but her head is down so far that it has pushed my cervix back, & the dr didn't want to put me in more pain than I have been already lately. When I told him about the god awful pelvic pain that I have been  having he kinda brushed it off & then said he could still move her head from the outside, so it wasn't because she was down to far, this was before he checked me. Then  he check me & said "oh wow nevermind, her head is stationed and down so incredibly far no wonder you are in pain" then did a litterly 5 second ultrasound to see what he was moving, which was her shoulders. I was kinda sad it wasn't longer but understood. He did confirm that her head will def fit tho, so that is one obstacle we wouldn't be having. & my pushing would be limited because of how far down she is!

He is flabbergasted that my water hasn't broken, which I am not exactly sure why but ok. Have I mentioned how infuriated my dr is? Anyway, we talked of induction because of the pain, & he said he wanted to wait til I was 3 to 4 cm dilated. I was confused because I could be 3 but he didn't want to "hurt" me. But whatever, the man contradicts himself every other word I can't keep track. Anyway, Buggys heart beat was strong which is what we want, with my low fluid & cord around her neck it could cause some compression and stress on her but she is showing no effects by it. Thank goodness.

If she doesn't come in the next week or so, which he thinks she will; but hasn't he been saying this for 6 weeks now? I will def be induced before Thanksgiving, so my ladybug will be here for all of the holidays! SO EXCITING! I get to buy a my first Thanksgiving onesie! I can now officially say I am ready for her to come with all this pain. I was walking up the stairs Wednesday, well trying to walk. The stairs are very difficult for me now because of the pain. And when I got to the top I sat down to rest, & woke up more than 2 hours later?! Apparently, I passed out from the pain! NO FUN.

This past weekend we mourned the anniversary loss of baby angel #2. It was difficult, but made us so much more grateful than we already are if that is possible, for Kennedy. She is such a miracle. Hoping everyone has a awesome Halloween weekend! I shall be gaining 50 lbs worth of candy ;)