How far along? 36 weeks! HOLY COW!

Total weight gain/loss: with this halloween candy, im prob up 100lbs we will see hahah

Sleep:  still getting 45min to a hour of sleep a night

Food cravings: nothing really, im just eating everything in sight.

Best moment this week: painting my belly to look like a pumpkin :)

Movement: its gone down considerably. but she is running out of room in there alot of it when she does is very painful.

Labor Signs: 2 1/2 cm dilated & head stationed as of thursday! & as always contractions.

Gender: a daddys little girl

Stretchies: i dont even want to talk about it.

Belly Button in or out? still flat when she moves certain ways it comes out just a little but not a offically "outtie"

What I miss: nothing that i wouldn't trade for my buggy

What I am looking forward to: Her arrival anytime now!

Symptoms: everything. if it is a symptom of pregnancy i have it at this point haha

Milestones: making it another week!!

Weekly wisdom: As much as your husband thinks it funny to watch you try to get up off the couch, it isn't & gives you every excuse to slug him :)

Emotions: nervous,happy, ecstatic,PAIN