Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Carters is having BOGO.

I swore when I got pregnant I wouldnt put my baby in Carters.
Apparently I hadnt been to the outlet; cause this shiz is freakin cute
& the one of the main sources of bugs wardrobe which you all are always asking about!

If you have a outlet near you, go TODAY.
Tuesdays are double stamp days which is a stamp for every $10 you spend
when you fill up the card you get $10 off with each card!

So far I have only gone to  the outlet 3 times
but I buy in bulk when they have either BOGO or 50% the entire store!

If you go & plan on buying alot. 
go to their website; & print off th 25% off 50$ or more
makes a huge difference!

First off.
Um i totally bought 12 MONTH clothing 
what the crap
I was looking at the 9 month & 12 month stuff I got her
{she is still in 3m onsies; 6m is still a pretty big}
& was like no way.
no freakin way.
my baby will never fit into these
she has to stop growing.

Heres my goodies!
over $200 worth for a cool $120!
 I spent so much I got 2 and a half cards full 
equaling to a free $20! 
& got this 40$ super cute dress with leggings

60% off
& then turning around & using my 2 cards for.......................... 
43 cents! whoop whoop!


  1. What great deals! I went to their website though and didn't see the printable 25% off. Boo.

  2. Oh no, I kind of wish I didn't know about this. I think my wallet will be hurting very very shortly!

  3. Wow, I could never try to boycott Carter's! I'm so jealous that you live near an outlet AND can buy online. I'm in Canada and we FINALLY just got Osh Kosh/Carter's stores, but even so the Carter's doesn't have near as good of deals or selection and only up to size 24m. Enjoy! You can always buy different sizes and sell what you don't use or doesn't fit her.


shucks, thanks the comment!
i looove hearing from you!
-tara :)


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