I am avoiding just going grocery shopping with bug 
with fear that someone might call CPS {child protection services} on me

Yeah your freaking out
& rightly so

My childs head looks like I pushed her down the stairs several times
I haven't.

This whole "look momma I am gonna walk" & "look momma look at me hold on with one hand then dance like michael jackson on speed"
Each of these ends..& not well.. mostly with her hitting her head on something
your thinking..what kinda mom are you?
Hey, you should see my knees; her bruises are as bad as my carpet burns on my knees from my dives trying to catch my poor baby from another fall.

On top of that, which is where I kinda need advice
I babysit a almost 2 year old
& finds it fun to bash my chids head into things or kick her head
I of course stop this as soon as I walk into room
& have a niece that is for some reason massively jealous of my daughter & bashed her head into the vent because she was  "in her way" 
I also found her with her hand over her mouth the other with her hand on her forehead telling her shut up!
I seriously almost died, I was bawling trying to call her dad. 
She is 4 by the way.
She also is always telling me to "just put her to bed, gosh"

My poor girl cant catch a break.
Each parent just kinda of giggles & says "bad {insert name}, say your sorry!}
Sweet well that did alot, I said the said thing, & followed in a time out.
Now I am not suggesting they beat their child; but I am getting to the brink
I mean seriously I would put up a picture, but its awful & you might start to think I did push her down the stairs.
I didnt.

So, what do I do?
The hubs says I shouldnt babysit them anymore
but hey I worked in a daycare, if she was there the same thing would be happening
its just "kids being kids"
but then he reminds me, yeah but we keep her home.
grant it 50% of these battle wounds are self inflicted from those "hey mommas"
but what do I do about these bite-size bullies?