Some of my favorite memories as a child of Fourth of July consisted of our backyard, bonfires, sparklers & stayin up late! This year it was no different. Saturday I had a wedding
& Sunday we had a BBQ with my parents at our house.
with lots of yummy food
 Kennedy wanted to do nothing but play in the grass all day!

 Taking several naps thru out the day, go figure ;)

 I picked this up at a garage sale for $3 she loves it, but I found a brand new one that was purple for $2 this past weekend, psh.
 My little sister is almost 19 years old but barely  feet tall, & she loves babywearing kennedy; it jus so funny cause Bug is bigger than half of  her in it! :)
 I love their relationship, this is my mom

 The way Bug spent the night, up in her room missing out on the fun.
What did you guys do?

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