you guys remember this post?

well on whim we went & got her ears pierced

I am kinda glad I just did it instead of sitting & thinking about it forever
setting a date & time to do it.
So many thoughts went thru  my head.
is she too young?
will she remember?
what if it gets infected?
do I want to cause her pain?

But I decided this is what we were going to do!

I was reassured when she only cried for maybe 5 seconds & that was because I had to hold her arms & forehead still!
 this was JUST before they clicked it!

which by the way is nothing like when I had mine done the second time for second holes {first time I was 6 weeks} its isnt real loud at all!

This was about 30 seconds after!
& yes that is her first sucker.
go on, hit me with the bad mom stick.
But seriously how cute does she look!

So far I am glad we did it now.
& happy with our decision! 
I will do a update if things change!