Target is selling an Enchanted Mailbox that sends your letter to the North Pole

If you missed it, our elf returned & in the post about her return breakfast, I told ya'll about the mailbox she brought with her!

Well, we gave it go & IT'S AMAZING.

Grab some hot cocoa because here is my official Santa's Enchanted Mailbox Review

First, it is super cute.
Even if it just sat on the table it makes really cute decor. 
It is well-made & don't feel cheap or flimsy.
It takes 2 AA batteries which are not included.

Okay so, how does Santa's Enchanted Mailbox work?
MAGIC! Obvs.

Here's what you do:
You open up the mailbox, & put your letter in.
We have only used the envelopes that came with the mailbox. I will update if you can use any envelope or if there is a certain something {weight ect} that you can only use theirs. I don't think that's the case but I'll update this post is so. 
*UPDATE* It says online to only use their envelopes. But I think it only because of the size. If you find the same size I think you will be good. Maybe try yourself with your own envelope before letting your child use it!

After you put your letter into the envelope & into the mailbox, put up the "flag" on the side. Right after magical music little diddy will play. You have to wait until the music ends, then put the flag down. Now it's time to open the enchanted mailbox back up AND GUESS WHAT? The letter is gone! It is magically transported to the North Pole for Santa to read right away! 
 Here is a video of it in action:
My girls are just in awe of this thing. Especially Kensley. Her eyes were saucers with wonder! I think she has told her entire class & anyone, that will listen all about it. There is so magic this time of year. & I just love this is brining even more Christmas magic into our home for our girls.