Things to do in St Louis with your family

Several of the places mentioned below provided our family with our visit & lodging. Thank you so much to them for having us! All thoughts & opinions are my own. Thank you for reading & supporting my family!

We just got back from a quick trip to St. Louis. When planning our trip I had no idea just how much there is to do in St Louis. What was even more shocking was the majority of it all is so family friendly. I wish we would have had at least another day to pack some more in!

Here is a list of the best things to do in Saint Louis with your family!

I found the perfect place to stay while visiting in St. Louis that is family friendly. Union Station Hotel has large rooms, centrally located & has amazing hotel amenities. The grounds themselves are breathtaking. At night the ceiling in the lobby has a beautiful light show & there is a light & fire show as well! Later this fall 2019, there will even be an aquarium! We had about a 1 mile walk to the Arch from our hotel!

The most obvious thing to do in St. Louis is a visit to the arch! A national monument & an amazing sight to see! Not only can you go look at it, you can actually go up in the arch. Yeah you read that can go up 630 feet into the top curve of the arch! 

Make sure you stop by the "Old Courthouse" across the street as well! It's beautiful & is full of history & info! Free Admission to get in.

Unlike any other museum you have ever been to! It's a playground for all ages! Caves, jungle gyms & more! We could have easily spent an entire day here alone! If you fall under the category of a "helicopter parent" this isn't the place for you. At any given moment, your child can disappear into a tunnel & it may be several minutes before you can  find where it lead out to. However, if you can get past's worth it! Did I mention they have a 5 story & 10 story slide? This is place is just out of this world! We had an absolute blast!

Where to Eat:
Now I am no food blogger, but I love food. I am always looking for the best, fun places for our family to eat while traveling. I have two places I think any family would love to eat during their visit!

World Famous for their root beer, this place did not disappoint! Fun, american food is whats on the menu. The root beer of course, didn't disappoint. What really makes this place fun is you can watch them bottle it up right there in front of you. Make sure you check their bottling schedule online as it changes weekly. 
The floats are huge & so Delicious! One can be shared by the whole family!
We even grabbed a box of variety sodas to bring home with us!

Twisted Ranch
If you are a big Triple D {Diners, Drive-in & Dives} Fan this may be a fun stop for you! We are huge fans & it has always been on our family bucket list to hit up one of the restaurants on an episode. This restaurant also went viral for their 32 varieties of ranch flights on Buzzfeed!

Fun atmosphere, the whole family had a blast picking out flavors of ranch for our 13 flavor flight & trying them all! It makes this a super fun stop for your family!

Just like the name says, this house is magic! This children's museum doesn't seem like a museum at all. There is incredible fun in every room. While we were there, they had a Splash & Bubble exhibit which my girls are in love with! Their favorite parts were getting to work in a "real" grocery store & vet. There was a ton of hands on play from a huge water table, to a whole room just for making different kinds of bubbles! This is a MUST DO!

Other places to visit that we didn't get to this trip:

4. St. Louis Science Center 
Free of charge & tons of things to do for any age in your group.

5. St. Louis Zoo
Also free admission if you get there early. This is a perfect stop if your family are zoo lovers!