Thank you to Hershey World for hosting our family for a fabulous day! All views & opinions are my own! Thank you for supporting my blog &  family!

Things to do with Kids at Hershey's Chocolate World

We just got home from our trip to Pennsylvania! I am breaking down all our favorite parts that we hit as a family!

First up is Hershey's Chocolate World!

Upon planning our trip, it was semi confusing that Hershey's Chocolate World & Hershey's Park are completely separate places.
Chocolate World is, however, located right outside Hershey Park.

So let's break it down

There is no admission price to get into Chocolate World.

Within Chocolate World there are several things to do. & some of them require a purchased ticket.

I personally, would do Chocolate World & the park on separate days! Unless you are able to get there right at opening and schedule your activities {if you choose to do them} & get them done earlier in the day, or schedule them for when you are done with the park. It is strongly encouraged to buy your activity tickets in advance. As the day of, you will have limited availability on time slots
There is a ton of merch to buy all decked out in Hershey everything. The main part if sectioned into Hershey, Kisses, Reeses. There is something for everyone for souvenirs! Down to HUGE candy bars! There is also the largest candy store.

They also have a bakery, & a full cafeteria with food!
Our faves were the smores bar & the milkshakes! You MUST get a milkshake! We did the milkshake flight & got Hershey, Reese & Smores. SO good!

You might even get to meet a candy themselves!

Things to do:

Make Your Own Candy Bar      TICKET REQUIRED
This was my favorite of all! It is well, just like it says. You make your own candy bar! You get an apron & hair net {check out Brandon's beard net lol} Depending on the line, it can take about 30 mins. 
TIP: Get to your ticketed time a little early, so you are ready when they switch to your time slot to get your things!

You got to 5 stations scanning your ticket to customize your candy bar! You choose your base chocolate, we all got something different! Brandon & I got milk chocolate, Kensley got dark, & Kennedy got white!
TIP: Hold onto your ticket don't put it away, you will need to scan it at every station.

Then you choose your inclusions! Lots of options they girls loved! I went pretty mild, but had to add sprinkles because..well when you have the option-- you get sprinkles! You get to watch the whole thing be made & go down the conveyor belt!

At each station, it says the name of the bar going through, so you know which is yours!

You get to create your own logo for your box, which the girls loved getting creative with!

The progress is up on the screen so you can see about how long it will be until it's done! Or you can be like the girls & have a little robot dance party while you wait!

Then once they are all done you pick them up! We are just so torn on whether to eat them or keep them! What would you do?

4D Chocolate Movie      TICKET REQUIRED
This is adorable, & I highly recommend it with those with kids. The older ones may find it a little corny. But, the girls loved it! They actually said this was their favorite thing in the entire trip if that tells you anything! This philharmagic at Disney World. You truly get a 4D experience & some surprises trying to help Hershey, Reese & Kiss solve a mystery in the chocolate factory!

Unwrapped A Chocolate Tasting Journey      TICKET REQUIRED
A new this summer, Hershey World attraction --This is a fun take on a chocolate tasting! Defiantly super fun for kiddos! The actors are amazing, & the room is super interactive making the experience even more fun! As you are lining up you get a box, that you are not to open with what you are going to taste. Once you get inside they instruct you on when to open it & taste!

Hershey's Chocolate Tour      FREE- NO TICKET REQUIRED

I am just going to be honest, our family is a little dorky. We love history, & any "educational" tidbits we can get while traveling. So we were thrilled even at Hershey World we got a little bit of that!
Waiting in line the walls have facts about chocolate & Milton Hershey. Then you get into a car that takes you on a tour showing you how chocolate is made!

At the end, you even get a opportunity to buy a photo of your family on the ride! I am a sucker for a cheesy, tourist photo op. So you best believe my butt bought it, WITH the activities book holder ;)

For tickets for the attractions, the more you choose to do the more you saved money.
To do all three that required a ticket {as of 7/2019} Adult $33 & Child $29 Saving $18!

So what do you think? Do you think we bought 5lb, the world's largest Hershey bar?!