Elf on the Shelf Return Ideas: Elf on the Shelf Welcome Breakfast

If you're looking for Elf on the Shelf return ideas, we always do a welcome breakfast!
The elf with the help us Mom & Dad put together a fun little breakfast for the girls to wake up to!
She {sprinkles} usually brings an advent calendar as well since she {generally} comes back December 1st.

You can see past welcome breakfasts HERE

She brought a "Santa Enchanted Mailbox" with her to breakfast! Apparently, it's a magical mailbox... you put in your letter to Santa. Put up the flag. Say magic words. & BAM your letter is magically transported to the North Pole. If you don't believe it, open up the mailbox! Your letter is gone!
We will see how it works! Stay turned! You can check out more about it CLICK HERE.

 I used corn syrup to line the tops of the milk jars then rolled in sprinkles. I wish I wouldn't have now & used white chocolate. But, this was easier at he time. You can see the one on the right, the syrup ended up dripping. Opps.

Next, there is the small green pancakes. They are just stacked then a stick down the middle with a strawberry & mini marshmallow on top to look like a Santa hat!

That's it for our Elf on the Shelf breakfast this year! Simple, lots of sugar & lots of fun! Here's to 24 days of shenanigans!