10 gifts for the friend who loves One Tree Hill 

If you have a friend who just so happens to live by the motto "I don't wanna be anything other than what I am trying to be lately" then you know that a One Tree Hill-- inspired gift will be the ultimate present you can give them! Bring the town of Tree Hill to your BFF by taking inspo from any of these 10 awesome gifts for the friend who loves One Tree Hill. You want to give them something that will totally make them want to join clean teens or something like that.

Since you can't travel to Karen's Cafe or Tric for something thoughtful, I've assembled some of the best ideas, as a die-hard OTH lover myself. And the best part is you won't have to worry about running into Dan Scott or Nanny Carrie while shopping!

Just like picking if you are team Peyton or Brooke {because if you aren't team Naley, you're wrong} is difficult, picking out the right gift can be a stressful task. I am hoping this list of One Tree gifts will make everything easier. Plus, we all know there's really only one correct answer and that's team Peyton. So, grab a box of crackerjack, and get to shopping. Let your friend know she is Brooke to your Peyton, the Mouth to your Lucas, and that you know exactly what gift to get them!

1. Ravens Jersey 

Every One Tree Hill fan needs their very own Raven's jersey. Who's number would you get? Nathan or Lucas'?

2. Naley Cracker Jack Bracelet

"Don't say I never gave you anything" If you didn't turn into a puddle during the infamous scene at that little table by the river when Nathan gives Haley this bracelet, your inhuman.

3. Keith's Body Shop Hoodie

Come on, grab this hoodie and go for a walk dribbling a basketball down a bridge blaring Gavin Degraw! IIII don't wanna beeee...

4. One Tree Hill Stickers

These are perfect to stick just about anywhere! I am thinking about putting the Tric one on the back of my phone!

5. Dan Scott for Mayor Shirt

We love to hate him. But you can't hate this shirt. It is so clever! To be clear, I would have voted for Karen.

6. Karen's Cafe quote canvas

"Somebody once told me that this is the place where everything's better and everything's safe" I am positive any One Tree Hill fan would love to put this canvas anywhere in their home or office!

7. Clothes Over Bros Sweatshirt

You can have your very own B. Davis piece with this sweatshirt!

8. Clothes over Bros T-shirt

If you get the classic clothes over bros sweatshirt, you gotta get Peytons heart on fire c over b logo tee in any color of the rainbow!

9. River Court Print

A true One Tree Hill lover has a deep love for the river court, this watercolor printable is perfect to print & get framed to gift!

10. Karen's Cafe Key Chain

Perfect small token of fandom to keep on your keys! "Fine books, Rare eats!"