It's no secret, I love to throw a party.
Though Pintrest enhanced my love, & stressful-ness of perfection; I've always loved a reason to gather people I love!
Originally the party was meant for last weekend. But both girls ended up sick!
As a result, litterly more than half of the people invited couldn't come from pushing it up a week. When it was freezing so a lot of activities were cancelled.
So just family attended, which was still a blast & thankful for time with them

I will have how to make these pumpkin shaped tortilla chips on another post!!

Where'd ya get that?
Almost everything was purchased at the Dollar Tree
Banner, blow up Skelton game & Soda Decals: Party City
Skull, Bat silhouettes, black netting, Spider web bowl, Crows & Skull platter: Dollar Tree
Witches toss made my me!
Foam board, 3 Styrofoam cones painted black & cut out the buckles from card stock!