We had a week of anticipation leading up to this field trip with our library!
Kennedy was so thrilled to go the fire station! She had talking about it & wanted a fire truck dress to wear.

The day of she was pretty devastated there was no firehouse dress. Somehow, I don't know HOW, but somehow I completely misconstrued numbers. Storytime is at 1130, & I showed up at 1230. I called the library & was all...umm there is no one here. She gracefully let me down that storytime was indeed at 1130. I had a full out sob fest. I felt like the worse momma ever. Kennedy was crying "we missed it mom? they gone? we missed it?! whyyyy?!?!" My girls' heart is gonna break many a time in her life, but knowing it was totally my fault that afternoon broke my heart to no end.

She all of a sudden wasn't feel well, we b-lined to Walmart & let her & kensley pick out their own jammies. Kennedy, Sophia the first; Kensley, Doc McStuffins. & Princess soup. & decided to watch little mermaid for the millionth time.
The library ended up letting us the attend the 630 class, thank goodness.
Kennedy was still pretty much still out of it, she had spiked a fever & it broke but was still just sleepy.
She didn't do stop-drop-& roll, but as soon as she saw the "beep beep"s aka fire trucks we got some smiles out of her!

Sister was pretty thrilled as well, clearly.

the crossed legs? I cant deal.