Kennedy says the most hilarious things. I mean like mind boggling funny crap comes out of this kids mouth.
Kensley has been a little bit later to the talking train than Kennedy. & that's ok, I mean why does she need to talk when big sister gets whatever she wants at any give grunt?
She is making huge improvement tho in last 2 months. & actually trying to talk to now. Like when you say "Kensley look a grape, say grape" before she would just laugh at you like "fool gimme that grape" but now she attempting to say words!!
She said trick or treat & happy Halloween last week, & while Brandon & I were probably the ones to understand, by golly my girl said it!

So anyway, I often text little snippets of all things ridiculous that comes out of my little almost three-nagers mouth to Brandon. I got to thinking, I should write these things down. Of course, if I wrote them down; I, Tara would no doubt lose said notebook. So here I come to my virtual diary & will start to get these babies down on, er..paper.

Sitting at dinner:
Kennedy pointing to each of us: my mommy, my daddy, my sissy. My best friends and we stay together forever. 

Amara ate the girls doc mcstuffins blood pressure cuff thing. 
When Kennedy found it she came running into the kitchen:
MOM, LOOK what Amara did. She is NOT my best friend anymore. {very into best friends right now} mom, you better go soank her butt. My feelings are so hurt!
We got Kennedy new boots at the GAP this past week, & a few later she was sitting, looked down at them & said "Hey mom, did I thank my dad for boots yet?" I mean I pride myself on my polite children {so proud of you girls in this young age of yours, don't ever lose your sense politeness please} , & often get complimented on it. But this? Just shows me I am doing something right folks, & its not just cause they want milk & they have to say please & thank you to get it.
Driving down the street, like a brick wall we smell a skunk that was ran over...
kennedy: OH MAN. MOM, amara {our dog that often farts, & will send the family into gaging fits} toot'd in the car!!
me: no baby, that's a skunk
kennedy: a skunk? oh man, tell his mom to give him a bath; he needs cleaned up!
kennedy: Mom can I watch mickey?
me: sure sweetheart
Kennedy over the summer learned to say her name when asked. We told her. her name is Kennedy Leigh. Well, when prompted to say her name it comes out: ken-er-lee. & I really don't see the need to correct her. I really hope she never corrects it. Cause well, it the cutest thing ever.
She also corrected me now if I called her sissy, & that stings a bit. She can only be called her name cause well, that IS her name, MOM.