I guess this is kinda a summer activity, but both my girls complain that the pavement is too hot.
So fall made for the perfect pavement temp for this!

This recipe is with flour. 
Most recipes call for cornstarch, but I didn't have any on hand from using it on our Moon Sand.

What you need:
-muffin tin
-paint brushes
-1/4 cup flour {per each color}
-1/4 water {per color}
-food coloring

Then mix the ingredients together in the muffin tin & TADA!

We started off with this normal paint brushes, but changed to bigger ones & a foam brush.
I lost our thick crayola paint brushes, I suggest getting those &  those of whom have them! 

Much better!!

This was such a big hit! The girls sat & painted forever!

 They loved it so much the used every last bit!