First wednesday: I woke up feeling odd, the night before I had alot more discharge than normal {sorry for the TMI} i didn't think it was alarming, but enough for me to notice. Then in morning/mid-afternoon, my biggest fears came true. contractions, freakin in my back contractions t hat reminded me so much of labor it was unreal. Brandon flew home from work, & we went to the dr. I had some progression in my cervix he didnt say what just that there was, my pH was normal which is good; I already have my anatomy scan for Friday, so he said unless they continue; which they started at 3 mins apart, then died down to 6-7 min & by the end of the day maybe 1 an hour. to come in the next day or during the night if need be. Luckily I was just sore the next day from the contractions & none continued! 
Anatomy scan went perfect, & my cervix was still pretty "good" for me that is! It was seriously the scariest day. everything we have been praying not happen, started. & it was terrifying; but all in all turned out well.
I am part-time bed rest, but really just take it easy as much as i can with a toddler. I just, like he said before really need to be in tune with my body/uterus & its cues. which I feel like I have so I will continue!

How far along? 24 weeks
Baby’s Size: The size of an grapefruit
Total Weight Gain: still none, but I am to my weight as of my first OB appt; so from here on out, bring on the weight gain!
Bellybutton: innie!
Stretchmarks: none!
Maternity Clothes: I can still fit into my jeans, they are actually very big on me, but where the button lies they are super uncomfortable. So I bought my first pair of maternity jeans. I never had to with kennedy; I got them on sale for 22$! which is amazing; & they are super comfy!
Movement: Oh yes, you & see & feel it! 
Sleep: Sleep is still good. Waking up pretty early, which I did with Kennedy; I think it is your bodys way of getting you ready for baby!
Symptoms: Cravings, colostrum, emotional what am i saying I am always emotional just more than ever!
Food Aversions: None
Food Cravings: Chocolate cake & strawberry milk!
Best Moments this week: Speaking of being emotional, the trailer for "The Vow" came on, & i saw started bawling while eating my choclate cake. Brandon turned to me & said I was the definition of a mess; & we died laughing for 10 minutes! Also, getting her room cleared out & furniture bought & put in!
What I miss: Nothing, although a glass or 5 if wine sound so appetizing! :)
What I am Looking forward to: Alisha & I painting the her room!
Milestones: Daddy feeling kicks!