Im still reading; but honestly I have no time to blog.
ok I lied I probally do since I sit on google reader & read all of your posts everyday but I do that from my phone & blogging on a phone just isnt the same, ya know?
This is just gonna be a mass update of the holidays & a post to follow on pregnancy! :)
are you ready? 
We had Daddy home for a the whole week of christmas! 
Also, I finally got on iphone wagon; & have IG follow me: mrsmumaw
I hosted my first christmas eve! & it was a success!

We started to convert the front living room to a playroom! I  cant wait to show the final product!
Kennedy started saying 2-3 word senteces very clearly! Here is a video of her telling my parents dog to "go away"
I am trying to think of anything else; right now I cant! Stay tuned for my pregnancy update next! :)