This is kinda a little bit of a confessional.
I have said before how I have kinda felt guilty this pregnancy.
Things are so completely different.
With bug, I knew exactly how far along I was.
I wasn't working so my every move/thought was about her/being pregnant.
With Kensley I was SO sick, juggling a toddler, a house with a toddler {completely different when there isnt one},my health,& my business, I seriously catch  myself forgetting im pregnant.
Just a few weeks ago we passed a glowing pregnant woman, my first thought was I look at Brandon & instantly was sad/jealous, I think it is second nature to him too cause he was looking at me too; & I had to tell him "opps I forgot I am pregnant"

This baby I am not having a baby shower, which is what I want but shouldn't Kensley have a day where she is celebrated? 
With kennedy she already had half a closet full of clothes, some before we even knew gender from me & from SO many others. Kensley? Not one thing has been bought for her, even from me.

I feel like no one, including myself even asks about "her" just about fears of what might happen.
Even with me being pregnant, this pregnancy its not a big of a deal to Brandon if my back hurts ect; as opposed to Kennedy where he would jump to rub my back, & make sure I was comfortable.

She isn't ANY less wanted, not less loved. & I want her to be just as recognized as Kennedy was. She deserves that & needs that!!

So this is me writing to her, we are JUST as excited about you as we were with your sister. & I will do my absolute best to make sure you feel just as loved & just as excited for you ! Cause you are JUST as special & as big of a miracle as she is. WE CANT WAIT TO MEET YOU!