I am super excited for next week! Ive been wanting to do a home tour series for awhile, & when I asked on twitter if anyone would be interested the response was great!
Randalin had a great idea for everyone to participate since not everyone has a house, but a apartment,loft condo ect. so the days are divided into general categories! You can do more than one room as well; so like monday you could do your kitchen &; dining room ect! or if where you eat is your living room you can post that too!
Heres the low down starting next week this will be the schedule:

Monday: Where you & your family eat {kitchen,nook,dining room ect.}
Tuesday: Where you & your family sleep {bedrooms}
Wednesday: Where you & your family work & play {office/playroom ect}
Thursday: Where you & your family relax {living room, study ect}
Friday: Favorite parts of your house that make it YOUR home {in photos}

So clean or don't clean your house we want to see your home as your home & get your pictures ready for Monday; stop on back & link up! The linky goes live monday morning!
These other two ladies will be sharing the linky; so make sure you stop by & check out their homes & say HI!