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did you love that i hosted the home tour & stopped after day one?
yeah uh..OPPS!

my laptop kinda broke in two!
I have a post update coming but I wanted to take a second to write post after I saw this post from Baby Rabies
I was honestly in shock of the responses she got.
it was alot like when I got 2 emails after saying we may not RF til 2; & one said i just kill my daughter myself now. RIDICULOUS.
Ya'll we are MOMS.
We ALL do things differently. 
Each doing whats best for their family.
Let me tell you I am not perfect.
We co-slept {still do sometimes} & bedshared for over 6 months!
I babywear.
I couldnt breastfeed with kennedys milk tolerance past 3 months.
I now have let Kennedy CIO a couple times.
She had whole milk 3 weeks before turning one.
She is Forward facing in her car seat.
She has had sips of pop.
She loves pizza & sometimes doesnt have a fruit & veggie with every meal.
in 95% of your guys' minds I am horrible mother right now for doing one of those things!
So many moms are SO quick to judge & it honestly makes me sick.
One mom might get on another for not ERF {extended rear facing} but didn't breastfeed. Each have stats towards both.
One mom will give another a hard time for co-sleeping but started solids before 6 months. Each having stats towards both.
But are SO fast to throw up stats in your face for what your doing WRONG; but have other stats against them.
Do you get what I am saying?
We all need to support each other.
There are going to be things we dont agree with, but if their child is not being actually harmed like abuse ect. support that mom. You don't have to do what they are doing.
I know I have said it time & time again, but I LOVE reading/listening to other parenting techniques, I would never have heard of co-sleeping ect if I hadn't. I dont't have to do the things other parents are doing; but we all need to support each other!
Do whats best for you child & family, Stats against you or with you.
& if you agree head on over & take the mom pledge!
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