Where your family eats!
The kitchen!
We hopefully this year will be remodling alot of this. new countertops & appliances.
But for some that don't know we bought the house I grew up in 60% of my life. & My family remoded the whole house about 10 years ago so it has already came along way, but we want to make it more "our style.

Little wine touches everwhere. The cookbook One Handed Cook; is probally one of my favs! Great babyshower gift!

where kennedy eats
this part o the kitchen is much more cluttered haha
side note: that phone doesnt even work, we just keep it on there to cover up the phone jack :)
On to the dining room!
The number one room in my home that I HATE.
The border KILLS me. Oh mother.
We already re placed the light because well that was 10x worse than the border.
In the next 2-3 weeks, that is going; we are painting it a some what gray. & The wall the the huge shelf is on will have 3 thinner IKEA shelves with all of our updated photos on it.
So its kinda bare in here until then!

there is probally a random elephant in every room of our house. I love them; & they remind me of my grandma who i have only heard amazing things about, she passed away when i was only a few months old!
Ok, now LINK UP! I want to see where you eat!
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