Thursday, March 20, 2014

Toddler Learning: Letter Recognition with marble rocks

We are forever learning each letter of the alphabet, we are about half way thru, but Kennedy still has her favorite letters we revisit. As you will see "K" is a favorite, I'm sure you can guess why!

This is just a fun activity to get those little fingers moving all the while working with letters & recognizing them while having fun!

Things you will need:
You could also use the letter printout from the dot to do activity  by clicking HERE
Marble rocks {you can get a whole sack of them at the dollar tree}

What to do:
Make small circle making a letter of your choice.
Then show your tot to put the rocks on the circle to make the letter.

fine motor skills, pinching those rocks
color; there are a few colors to choose from at the store, talk about the color
sense; talk about the texture of the rocks
letters, talk about the letter they are making

 For more activities click below:

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