Dreaming.. Of warmth, & from the weeks outlook we might just get it! The thought of windows open, girls playing outside on their bikes, our million days at the zoo allll day every day, walks around the neighborhood & hours at park has me just longing for those days. GET THESE KIDS OUT OF MY HOUSE.

Hoping.. For a small family vacation, not much. Just a little getaway for a few day! Brandon & I are going to Cabo San Lucas in June, brace yourself...KID FREE. So I am really wanting to do something with the girls & get us out of the house to cure our cabin fever & a little bit of winter depression.

Netflixing.. I am actually not watching a series for once. I am anxiously awaiting the new OITNB season. Please leave some suggestions I need a new addiction! The last movie I watched the other night on there was Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas. Holy tear jerker!

In my Amazon cart.. Paint brushes & Polar watch..yup I am the only left on the planet to not have one. I really didn't want in the beginning. I wanted to workout for me. Not for the numbers & 3 months in I want to know how I am doing! Now I just need to order it.

Watching...Always Always Parenthood & ya'll dont judge for me for TV choices but on Showtime there is a series called Shameless, it is filth &  I mean filth it just awful; & so amazing all at the same time! haha I think I get SO into these shows like OITNB is because it's SO far fetched from anything I can even comprehend in my everyday life & Teen Mom 2. Guys, it just trash but I cant.stop.watching. I need to catch up on Scandal, I miss it!

Obsessed with.. Quiz up! I play way too much. I get so angry with this game, but I just keep pushing. "Play Another". My fave topics are of course: Disney,Pixar & Logos!