Ironically today my scheduled post of "the great dethaw" {see below} just so happen to post on the day of a HUGE snow storm.
I had collected all these photos during the last 4 months of non stop snowing & planned on using the next year, but it looks as though the snow isn't stopping AND we might be getting more Sunday. Sigh.

Here are some of the stuff that kept us occupied!

1. Snow Ice Cream
A popular classic! The girls loved mixing it all up & well obviously eating it :)
2. Home "Science"
This is just a fun little attachment on two two-liters! We did this while Kensley napped & Kennedy was in amazement! I def suggest coloring the water & adding glitter; somehow I didn't have any glitter!

3. Carpet Skating
This is pretty simple & has hours of entertainment!
Cut wax paper into squares, put them on the bottom of their feet & have them drag their feet around the carpet!

4. Sensory Bins
We brought the snow IN. & used water will smooth marble rocks from the dollar tree! Each keeping their attention from something other than TV and killing each other. These bins are great for when im getting dinner ready or doing the dishes! They are in the same room & for some reason that time of day is the whinest!

6. Dollar Tree Finds
You will be amazed at what a trip to the dollar store can lead too! They have lots of these grow animals! This was a fun project to do. They checked on them thru out the day & when they thought they were big enough {you can lets them go for like up to a month} they would play with them in the water! 

7. The Classics
When all else fails don't hesitate to do the classics.
At our house its paint, play doh & the good ol game of "dont touch the lava" you know when you take off all the couch cushion & pillows & walk on them  & try not to touch the ground? ;)