Grout will be the death of me.
I get down and scrub the grout about every 6 months.
Spring cleaning it's always taunting me waiting for me to get down and have aching back & knees, cursing my house,floor & tile. & promising our next house? Lord, our next house will never have any tiles!
I have tried it all, every pin on Pintrest, bleach gel name it I've tried it.
A large portion of our downstairs is tile, so the job is tedious & time consuming.
I hate that grout can make your freshly mopped floor look dirty!
I'm getting upset just writing about.

All the products I've used have never given the results like I'm about to show you! Please don't judge me by my previous embarrassing! Also, I hadn't mopped. Looking back now I should have, but the grout has to be bone dry when you use this magic potion! 
& it is only 12 DOLLARS ya'll!!!

What is this amazing product you ask?
PolyBlend Grout Renewal..can you hear the angels singing? You can find it at your local home improvement store with the tile stuff! Another reason why my before is SO different is my grout is normally gray, but I bought the Grout Renewal in Snow White. I think it looks better! It does come in about every color you can imagine to match your grout!

 How does it work? Well its actually more like a paint then anything. You will need a toothbrush, & LOTS of wash cloths & fresh water new by. I set up shop with Kate & Plus 8 and made a day of it!

First, like I said above the grout HAS to be bone dry. Take the toothbrush & brush back & fourth several times to get it really in the grout. DO NOT let it sit for more than 3 mins. It WILL stick to your tile, you can get it off with a razor blade but trust me when I say just avoid that. After you do about 4x2 radius take a wet cloth & wipe off the tiles. I found it best to rub lightly in circular motion so it wasn't bring it up from the grout.
  I ended up doing 2 sessions a few weeks apart to get the final look I wanted {in the after} because my grout is gray & its was BAD. So it took more coats, again kinda like painting a wall! Make sure you wait over 48 hours before you mop for it to properly dry & adhere to the grout!

 Also, the grout renewal seals & protects your grout so you will not be doing this every 6 months, if you are anything like me before, again the you hear them? I am going on 3 months & my tile looks like it had just been grouted & laid. {they are over 10 years old} Hopefully this will help someone out somewhere!  You can thank me later! ;)
If you end up using this method let me know how it works for you!