Friday, September 6, 2013


Dreaming of.... Fall. Im awaiting those chilly mornings & evenings; that are warm enough for windows to be open & a fire in the evening. & fall decor...fall scented anything...anything.. oh & football, but does that really need saying?
Netflixing... BONES! I mean, apparently Im late to the party cause I am obsessed with this show! Had no clue it existed, or that it was even still running! There is like a million seasons, & I intend to watch everyone! Previously to this, I was re watching the Jon & Kate series. Remember them? I wonder whatever happened to them? Its funny, now as a mom; how different I look at Kate!

The girls are loving the Little Tykes shows on Netflix right now, too!

Since Ive been sick, I havent put in ONE MJ order this Fall release. I know what your thinking or doing; was that a eye roll I just saw ;) But really that is huge for me. & I just got to peak at the last 2 releases & I could just die at this sweater for myself! Birthday present for myself?

Reading this...
Ive read this before, but its always good to brush up on. Losing a baby, especially your third is hard; & hard on a marriage with different ways of coping. This book always puts it back in perspective that women & men see things differently.

Our movie night outside for tonight with friends & kennedys THIRD birthday party! She picked her own theme this year, & I am very excited!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 


  1. I love pumpkin everything this time of year...but I"m so ready for it to be done with by Christmas!

    We are late to this party, but we are LOVING Prison Break right now. (Did you know that chick in Bones is Zooey Deschanel's sister!!?)

  2. I'm dreaming of fall, too! Pumpkin and cinnamon and, ahhhh, it just seems so magical. Too bad it's still 100+ degrees here in South Florida. Lame.

  3. Hey girl! Found your blog through instragram. I think it may have been through a hashtag about Matilda Jane. You're not getting any eye rolling from me :) Then, I realized a pic in my instagram feed was also in my facebook feed. We're facebook friends! My closet name is Hallie Bryson. So glad to have found your blog. And I am seriously jealous of the palmyra!!

    1. Oh gosh hi!!! So funny how MJ connects us! Glad you found me :))


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